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NIDAAN Intelligence Services publicly with Online Store

Online Store

Whenever something goes wrong in our plan specially in marriages, we only regret and wished before putting the foot forward we should have done a proper research and background check. And who could be better than a private investigator or a detective to do undercover research on your behalf.

Similarly, in India there is a private investigation bureau named NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited, is amongst the leading Investigation and Risk Management Specialists in India.

  • Popularly known as NIDAAN Intelligence World, is said to provide a complete package of Investigation and Risk Management Services all over India.
  • Located in the Steel City of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur, is situated on the river bank Swarnrekha.
  • We only thrive to provide the exact and 100% accurate information to our clients, which not only satisfies them, but matches their level of standard and quality.
  • NIDAAN promises not to turn up with an incomplete or false reports. Working for both individuals and corporates.
  • NIDAAN Intelligence has served quality results to various organizations across all the sectors such as, Banking and Insurance, Telecom, FMCG, SMCG, Pharma, etc.
  • Working for more than 14 years in this field, NIDAAN has successfully created a good reputation in the market for themselves, with some high-profile clients to their credit.

Mission and Vision:

Established in the year 2005 with a vision of ?Fraudsterless India?, NIDAAN incorporated itself under the Companies Act, 2013 on 22nd March 2017. Our only motto is to provide ?Standard & Quality Services? by completely standing on clients expectation.

With our only mission of delivering quality and competent services to our clients, NIDAAN endeavor to make themselves a one stop leading Multinational Company for all the investigation and risk management services. Our Vision being inspiring others in the industry with our comprehensive and economical investigation and risk management services.

Why Choose Us:

  • WE have PAN India presence with global network.
  • WE provide standard and best quality services with 100% accuracy.
  • WE have PAN India Employee (Expert Professionals and Investigators) Network lash with modern technology and equipments.
  • WE give emphasis to our client?s requirements.
  • WE deliver our services in a stipulated time-frame.
  • WE charge economically viable and market competitive fees.
  • WE maintain complete transparency with our clients, with everything white and documented.
  • WE have maintained the Best Track Record in the Industry since 2005.
  • WE share a GOOD Success Ratio in respect of collecting Concrete Evidence.

In today?s world, where people have no time to meet their dear and near ones, will take out time to keep an eye on their competitors or someone whom they want to be scanned. Because of no time for other work, people are resorting to private agencies and bureaus, available both online and off-line to get the work done undercover. And with the coming of new and advanced technology along with Internet availability worldwide has led NIDAAN Intelligence Services to step ahead and enter a new phase of expansion i.e. online to cater more people and generate more business. For this we have launched our ONLINE STORE, welcoming people all across the world to get their requirements solved satisfactorily.

Our Expansion To Online Store:

By launching an online webstore, we have proved that we totally believe in serving the people and want to address all in order to resolve everyone?s problem. With our online availability we can address more queries with no extra hard work or cost. Anybody who is not able to visit our office in person; can visit us online at ?, submit their requirements with all the details and wait for the results within the mentioned time-frame. Who visits our web store can order us directly and can also make the payment directly to us against their requirements.

In case of any queries, customers can contact our customer service team anytime, who are available 24?7, using WhatsApp Messenger (on the bottom left side of the Online Store) or Facebook Messenger (on the bottom right side of the Online Store). NIDAAN WEB STORE provides the following facilities:

  • In details and well drafted product and service description.
  • For purchasing, customers can place the order and pay us directly.
  • For any queries can contact us at any time through our?Helpline WhatsApp Number?i.e. ?09234466631?
  • Delivery of the products or services will be within the stipulated time-frame.
  • Stringent security is provided to maintain the standard and quality of our services and products.
  • After placing the order, the customer needs to mail their personal information and documents for verification on our?Official Email ID?i.e. ?[email protected].?
  • We provide the following Payment Gateways to our customers for making online payment:
  • Instamojo
  • PayPal
  • PayTM?etc.

Apart from the above services, NIDAAN also offers Affiliates Program, which will be a job opportunity for young and clever job seekers who want to make a career in this investigating field. Here people who sign-up or are shortlisted by NIDAAN for this program act as an affiliate for us, who will be responsible for promoting NIDAAN on their website and thus generating business for us. For the affiliates are paid commission for the traffic which comes through them. It?s an excellent opportunity to work, learn and earn as a freelancer. To be eligible for this program, a person must be 18 years or older and must live in the India. And of course has to be a human being.

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ActivityNIDAAN has decided to give away 5% of our online webstore profit towards the ?Social Welfare & Security? of the Country. With so much to offer at standard price, one must always think of NIDAAN for any investigation or risk management service requirements. Now available online via our webstore has made NIDAAN more reachable and communicable than in the past. So when think of Investigation, think of NIDAAN.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we?re doing right or what we can improve on.